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Darcy Leigh (She/her/hers)  

Thank you for exploring the Creative Jam website, and special thanks for being interested in me and the story of the Creative Jam.


am a creative individual who, like many others, felt the joy of making art when I was younger. Along the way, I got discouraged, and well, life happened, and art was not the priority. Sure, I created and felt the drawn to painting, sewing, performing, but I always viewed it as a hobby, and not a particularly important one.

I usually found myself ironing fabric or hot gluing my latest creations at the kitchen table, or even on the coffee table in the living room. Usually though, I would get interrupted mid-project and need to move my glue, paint, beads, etc., out of the way for the demands of family life. Sometimes I would get back to my creations, and sometimes it seemed like a lot of effort to bother. I sometimes wonder how many beautiful ideas expired because I didn’t have dedicated space.