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You want to come create at the Creative Jam? Great! We can’t wait to see you! Check out your options below.

Request a Tour

Come see this beautiful space on a FREE TOUR, and then spend the rest of the session enjoying the Makerspace FREE! Start HERE to book your tour.

Our Grand Opening Special Session Pass   – CLICK HERE

Welcome, welcome to our grand opening extravaganza! This is a REDUCED PRICE Session Pass- available only for a limited time as we celebrate opening our creative doors! When you purchase this pass, you will select your date and time to join the creative energy in the Makerspace. Oh, and don’t worry about finding a seat, we’ll have the Welcome Desk roll out the red carpet for you!

Purchase a One-Time Use Session Pass HERE (Regular Price)

Welcome to the gateway of unlimited creativity! The Creative Jam Session Pass. When you select this pass, you will choose the date and time for your one-time use pass. We’ll have a seat fit for a creative king or queen waiting for you at the Welcome Desk on your chosen day.


Ready to be free of the Session Passes? Want to be able to come and go at the Creative Jam, and enjoy these MEMBER ONLY PERKS?

  • Unlimited access to the Creative Jam Makerspace (because who needs limits when you’re a creative powerhouse, am I right?)
  • Access to the highly coveted SUNDAY sessions- which are for Members-only!
  • Access to the oh-so-nifty Creative Jam app (seriously, it’s cooler than finding a dollar in your pocket!).
  • Your very own mammoth-sized (36″ wide x 22″ deep x 28″ high) personal locker, standing by to cradle your supplies, half-baked masterpieces, or whatever tickles your creative fancy. And guess what? You get to set the combo!
  • VIP access to Member-Only bashes, classes, and what-have-yous, because you’re officially part of the cool kids’ club now.
  • Grab discounted tickets to classes and events (because who doesn’t love a bargain?)
  • And hey, ever dreamed of flaunting your artwork for sale in the retail/gallery space of the Creative Jam? With membership, this is a possibility.
  • Have a website or social media for your creativity? As a member, you get to add it to our Member Page on our website- and all who wander on the site won’t be lost, they will be able to see what you have to share!

With our Unlimited Membership, we’ve got options galore! Take your pick from a variety of plans because hey, we love keeping things interesting.

Ah, decisions, decisions! It’s like a choose-your-own-adventure book, but with memberships. Will it be the 3-month package, the 6-month extravaganza, or are you feeling bold and ready for a spectacular full year? The choice is yours! 🎉

3 Month Unlimited Membership (3 walk in the park payments)

That’s right, our shortest plan option, great for creatives here just for the summer season! Unlimited access to the Creative Jam Makerspace for 3 months. To mark the debut of the Creative Jam, this introductory rate is a steal at only $275* per month!*

6 Month Unlimited Membership (6 snap your fingers easy payments)

Guess what? For only $250* a month, you’re practically getting a golden ticket to creativity! Because why settle for anything less when you can have both savings and unlimited fun?

6 Month Unlimited Membership (One easy peasy lemon squeezy payment)

Get ready to do a happy dance because this plan is a steal, coming in at just $225* a month! Because why pay more when you can have all the fun and savings too?

An Entire Year of Unlimited Membership (12 piece of cake payments)

Guess what? This plan? It’s practically a steal at only $175* a month! Who said being a financially savvy creative couldn’t also be a thrill?

An Entire Year of Unlimited Membership (The stress-free one-and-done payment)

Believe it or not, this plan breaks down to just $167* a month! This one is a Best Bet deal. Because why just save money when you can also feel like a creative genius?

Keep in mind, taxes and those pesky credit card fees will tag along with the final bill. But hey, if you’re more of a cash or check person, just swing by the Creative Jam welcome desk to settle up. Because why let a little thing like fees get in the way of your creative spree?