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Creative Jam

The Creative Jam is a brand-new place, designed for creatives, artists, and makers. Here, you can explore your creative side- and meet other people who share similar (and different) creative interests.

Not sure if you are creative, and artist, or a ‘maker’? Well, take a look at this list of people who are Creative Jammer kind of people.

You will probably find that you too belong here. It doesn’t matter if you are an expert, a beginner, or just dreaming of being creative.

We welcome you.


Why is Creativity so Important?

Can you remember when you were a kid, and you got a brand-new box of crayons? Perhaps you were fortunate enough to get the BIG BOX of crayons- the one with 96 colors and a built in SHARPENER  ‘Ooooooo…’ 

Can you smell it? Ah, there is nothing like the waxy smell of new crayons.

Can you see yourself opening that cardboard box, tipping back the lid, and seeing all that POTENTIAL

When you peered into that box, you saw the rows of perfectly shaped points, just waiting to BECOME. You saw perfectly shaped, paper wrapped greens and immediately knew they would be perfect for drawing some flowers… you saw the blue of the sky and thought, “I’m gonna make clouds too!” (Although when we think about it, clouds aren’t blue, now, are they? What was REAL and what was in our mind’s eye were all the same things. And that’s creating.)

Even today, holding a crayon- that thin piece of paper-covered potential- still brings you an amount of fun, joy, relaxation, and perhaps a smile as you scribble on the paper placemat in a kid-friendly restaurant.

That feeling you get when you scribble, color, paint, draw, sew- when you make something, basically, out of the air, is the feeling of tapping into your own creativity.

Can you remember when you were a kid that created squiggly lines and was proud of it? The kid who put time and thought and detail into creating stick figures representing family and friends? Remember how those stick figures (for some reason) were much larger than the square windowed house that stood behind them on the page? You remember them with a smile, and perhaps you remember the young person who really liked art class before that (SEVERELY MISINFORMED) seventh grade teacher shared that you ‘really aren’t very good at art’.

Maybe you were good at art class. Maybe you (painted, drew, sculpted, etc.) some beautiful pieces that were featured in a gallery, or received awards. And you still make stuff and love that feeling of getting an idea and making it come to life in front of you.

Whether you realize it or not, when you create, even a little, your hidden potential is unlocked, innovative ideas happen, and solutions are realized. To that place of ideas, you’ve got to be holding the proverbial crayon.

It’s challenging to achieve great ideas, or even a bit of fun, in the daily grind of work, the constant digital media siren call, our worries about the future/angst about things in the past, and our concerns about the cost of well, EVERYTHING. Creativity gives you a break from those detractors. It assists with relaxation, while it simultaneously sharpens your focus, and in turn inspires clarity in other areas of life. It gives you some much needed JOY.

The joy of making. The joy of art. Here’s a cool thing- it’s a gift you can give yourself. Whether you still do it on the regular, or if it has been a while. You can give yourself room for your own original thoughts (again). No matter how ‘good’ you think you are, or you think aren’t, regardless of how old you are. You can give yourself that feeling again.

Creativity has the capacity to transform, allowing us to engage, to heal, to inspire, to infuse not only our own lives, but to contribute a positive light to the world around us.

You might say that we will use crayons to find lasting solutions to real problems.

The best part? At the CREATIVE JAM, you can do exactly that in a space made JUST FOR YOU.

Here at Creative Jam, you will be surrounded by color, light, imagination, a fabulous building, and your community.

The world is in a period of reawakening and change. It’s time. Feel that creative pull. Say “yes” and join us at the Creative Jam.