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Creative Jam

What’s happening at Creative Jam

The Creative Jam Calendar is on EVENTBRITE and on our Facebook page 

  • The Artist’s Way (a 13-week guided creative recovery program designed by Julia Cameron. It combines a series of tools and exercises to help individuals reconnect with their inner creativity, overcome creative blocks, and unleash their artistic potential.)

  • Drawing Club (a place for practicing artists to hone their skills, develop their techniques and portfolios, collaborate with other artists like themselves, create bonds with the community through the arts, and learn how to work together through group projects)

  • Writing Club (a group of people who meet regularly to read, discuss, and critique one another’s work. Group members offer constructive feedback to help their peers shape their stories.)

  • Poetry Club (nurture budding poets and their abilities to represent rhythms, styles, music, emotions, and passions in the form of words strung into a poem. Creating artistic responses to a poem reading)

  • The Fishbowl Critique (a facilitated, softer approach to hearing thoughts on a piece of work in which an individual gives feedback to the group on what they like about something they created, as well as what they don’t like. Then the group shares what they like and then what they might change)

  • Off-Site Draw/Paint/Write/Create Events (join us for a walk to a picturesque spot for creating, or join us on a boat ride or other new and different place to create)

  • Improv Events (improvisation is play (e.g., FUN!) in which performers make up theatre on the spot)

  • Open Mic Events

  • Food and Beverage Tastings

  • Stretch/Yoga Sessions (let’s get some creativity inducing oxygen in!)

  • Sweet Treat Days (yes, free, home baked goods are often offered in house! Yum)

  • Featured Speakers for a variety of topics (creativity and business related).

  • Have an idea for a club or activity? Tell us at